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Boker Knives

World-renowned tree-brand have been manufactured in the City of Blades, Solingen Germany, since 1869. Boker has developed into a global innovation leader and the largest manufacturer of Sporting Knives, Tactical Knives and Collector’s Knives in Europe.

Boker Gents pocket knife with carbon fiber scales, VG 10 steel, flipper style knife. Price $189.

Boker OFT COYOTE made in USA by Hogue for Boker,154 cm. Price $330.

Boker Small Hunter 118288 stag handle made in Germany. Price $96.

Boker made in USA by Protech for Boker. 154 cm steel.
Boker Small Kwaiken 01B0254. $219.
Boker Large Kwaiken 06Ex291 $239.

Boker # 110615. Large lockback stag hunter. Price $239.

Boker #114525. 2 blade hunter, stag handle. Price $169.

Boker #11018 2HH Boker camp knife. Made in Germany. Price $239.

The “Fine Print”
Many states do not allow automatic knives to be carried by civilians.
Active military and law enforcement officers are permitted to carry automatic knives in any state. Consult the AKTI Website for a full outline of knife laws and regulations in the United States.*

*NOT legal advice: Laws are subject to change. Check for local laws as they may differ from state laws.
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