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Microtech® Knives

For over 20 years, Tony Marfione at Microtech® has been committed to making the best knives possible using USA manufacturing, materials and labor.
With the Microtech® commitment to excellence, every knife is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Microtech Cypher S/E Katana Bronze Katana Standard 241-13KA S/N 043.$549.

Microtech Combat Trodon D/E Satin Standard 142-4. $549.

Microtech Combat Trodon T/E Tan G-10 Composite Top Standard 144-1 GTTA. $495.

Microtech Combat Trodon D/E Red Standard 142-1 RD. $549.

Microtech Dirac D/E Standard 225-1. $299.

Microtech Dirac D/E Standard 225-1. $299.

Microtech L.U.D. Tan Standard 135-1 TN. $289.

Microtech Socom Elite S/E Tactical partial serrated 160-2T. $319.

Microtech Socom Elite Auto T/E OD Green Apocalyptic partial serrated 161A-11. APOD. $319.

Microtech Socom Alpha Mini T/E Stonewashed Standard 114M-10 Price $250.

Microtech Trodon D/E Violet Standard. 138-1 VI. $429.

Microtech Trodon D/E. OD Green partial serrated. 138-2 OD $429.

Microtech Ultratech Hellhound Bronze Standard US D813, 623S. $489.

Microtech Urban Camo Standard. $479.

Microtech Ultratech D/E Satin Standard 122-4. $299.

Microtech UTX-85 D/E Standard Green 232-1 OD. $279.

Microtech UTX-85 D/E Orange Standard 232-1 OR. $279.

Custom Marfione Knives can be seen at ArtKnives.com

The “Fine Print”
Many states do not allow automatic knives to be carried by civilians.
Active military and law enforcement officers are permitted to carry automatic knives in any state. Consult the AKTI Website for a full outline of knife laws and regulations in the United States.*

*NOT legal advice: Laws are subject to change. Check for local laws as they may differ from state laws.
We require your completed Appropriate ID Form with order.

Microtech® 122-4TA. Ultratech® D/E Contoured Tan Satin Standard. SOLD

Microtech Stitch-A S/E Bronzed Partial Serrated #169-14 SOLD

Microtech® 122-4. Ultratech® D/E Contoured Satin Standard. SOLD

Microtech® 123-11. Ultratech® T/E Contoured stonewashed partial serrated.  SOLD

Microtech® 123-13 GTBK. Ultratech® T/E Contured Black G-10 composition bronze standard.  SOLD

Microtech Satin-A S/E Urban Camo Urban camo standard 169-1 UC SOLD

Microtech Ultratech D/E Contoured Tan Partial serrated 122-TA. SOLD

Microtech® 123-1od. Ultratech® T/ E Contoured green standard. SOLD