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Piranha Knives

Piranha knives are high quality knives made in the USA.

Piranha Knives Mini -Predator Silver, black blade.
Regular price $230. Our price $184.


Piranha Knives Mini-Predator Blue tactical.
Regular price $230. Our price $184.


Piranha Knives Pocket knife, black tactical.
Regular price $170. Our price $136.


The “Fine Print”
Many states do not allow automatic knives to be carried by civilians.
Active military and law enforcement officers are permitted to carry automatic knives in any state. Consult the AKTI Website for a full outline of knife laws and regulations in the United States.*

*NOT legal advice: Laws are subject to change. Check for local laws as they may differ from state laws.
We require your completed Appropriate ID Form with order.

Piranha Knives Excalibur – Silver, black blade tactical. SOLD

Piranha Knives RATED-X. Red, black blade.  SOLD

Piranha Knives Virus Black tactical. SOLD

Piranha Knives Bodyguard black/ stone wash blade. SOLD